Youth Alpha

YouthAlpha Each year, normally starting in January, we offer this 10 week course, which is a basic teaching and understanding of the Christian faith on a level that is fun and interesting for young people of this age group (11 to 16). It involves worship time, including prayers, very lively songs, as well as video presentations. Supper is always shared together with the young people doing the course and their leaders. Midway through the course there is also a Spirit Weekend, which is a weekend together with the entire teaching focusing on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is really a fun weekend and we would encourage all young people to do it, they can even invite a friend to come as well. All young people coming for Confirmation must first do the Youth Alpha course, though one does not have to be doing Confirmation to do Youth Alpha. If you would like more information about Youth Alpha please contact Linda Pafford at 489-9801 or Barbara Leyte at 489-9332, they will be pleased to talk to you about it.