Order of St. Luke

OrderOfStLuke This is an international and ecumenical order dedicated to the healing ministry of the Church. It is named after the gospel writer St. Luke the Physician, and, as such actively promotes the healing ministry passed down to the Church by Jesus. The Order is made up of clergy, health professionals, and lay people from all walks of life, the common thread is that we believe God heals today in all kinds of ways, including by medicine and prayer. Jesus desires us to be well in mind, body and spirit, and therefore healing ministry is vital to the Church. At Holy Trinity we have a very strong OSL, meeting once every month to study healing ministry, to pray for healing professions, such as in our medical fields, and to plan healing services and missions. The scriptures related to the healing ministry of the church are studied in both the Old and New Testaments. Regular services are scheduled at Holy Trinity where the emphasis is on prayer and healing, and there is opportunity for individuals to come forward for personal prayer as well as anointing. We also go to one of the personal care homes each month for healing and prayer services, as well as serve the residents refreshments and fellowship with them. The three homes that we do on a rotational basis are - Hollett’s Retirement Home, Twin Town Manor and Golden Year’s Estate. If you would like to know more about the OSL or about healing ministry in the church, we would be very happy to talk to you. You are always welcome to join with us. Visit the International Order of St. Luke website