Food Bank

FoodBank Is another very important ministry we participate in at Holy Trinity. We have representatives and volunteers that serve the food bank regularly. We also have a food collection box in the main entrance of the church, that collects non-perishable food items from members of the parish. The first Sunday of each month is designated as Food Bank Sunday, and members are asked to bring along items then, however, the box is there all the time and you are welcome to drop items in there anytime. We collect a lot of food there each month and are glad of our parish contribution to helping provide a little extra food to those who have so much less. Food Items Needed at Food Bank All Year Round Margarine, 3lb ( 12x1/4 lb squares ) Juice, 1L carton Mac & Cheese Sugar , 2 kilo bag Milk, evaporated Dry spaghetti, 500 grams   Brief History of Food Bank The Grand Falls-Windsor-Bishop's Falls Food Bank was founded on February 11th, 1993.  The original intention was to be a Food Sharing Association, with a mission to help start food banks in other communities in our area.  Unfortunately this didn't come to pass and we had to settle for a food bank serving the people of Grand Falls-Windsor and Bishop's Falls.  The seeds were sown at a public meeting in the EM Bishop Hall called by the Exploits Ministerial Association.  Many members of Holy Trinity have served and are still serving with their friends and neighbours at the  food bank today.   The food bank is open all year round and has the complete support of  the towns we serve.  In addition to the regular hampers we give out each week, we have a special Christmas Hamper Programme that includes everything needed for Christmas Dinner.
The first Sunday of every month is designated Food Bank Sunday at Holy Trinity and everyone is encouraged by the Rector, Rev. Randy Lockyer to bring along items of non perishable food.  There is a drop-in box located inside the main entrance for this purpose.  Anyone with a question can contact me, Terry Brown at 489-3898 or email