Church Choir

ChurchChoir Our choir is a very important to the worship and music ministry at Holy Trinity. Our choir director is Beverley Jones, and, our organist - pianist is Stephanie Coffin. Both are very experienced and qualified music teachers and we are blessed to have them on our staff. The choir consists of a group of dedicated men and women that meet every Monday evening from 8:00 - 9:30 pm to practice the hymns and music for Sunday worship, as well as special music for the various seasons of the year, such as Christmas and Easter. It is always a great time of fellowship and fun when they get together to practice. The choir sometimes will represent the parish during ecumenical services such as The Festival of Praise. We are always so happy to welcome new members to the choir, and, if you are one that enjoys singing why not think about becoming a part of our church choir? You can contact our choir director by calling 489 - 7522