Cemetery Regulations

CemeteryRules 1. Two grave sites only will be assigned to a family, except in the circumstances when space is required for a child, then three may be granted. 2. No enclosures whatsoever may be erected around grave sites or plots; that is, no concrete, wood or wire enclosures will be permitted. 3. The whole area is to be a lawn type cemetery. 4. All graves in the finished stage must be leveled with the surrounding area, including lawn seed or sods. 5. Flowers and wreaths may be placed on graves or in appropriate monument flower holders. 6. All garbage such as flowers and containers must be removed from the site. 7. Solar lights must be removed from June to August. 8. Plants, shrubs, ornaments, etc., which interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery are not permitted and will be removed. 9. Headstones or monuments shall not exceed 30 inches in height and should be mounted on patio stones instead of poured concrete. 10. No work will be carried out in the cemetery without first contacting a member of the interfaith Cemetery Committee or a church representative. 11. Holy Trinity Church members of the Committee are Bill Reid and Jim Mercer.