Church Renovations

RecentEvents Church Renovations We as Vestry have an on going program to upgrade and renovate the church in the past four years. Just a quick note to keep you up to date. The siding on the Parish Hall will soon be completed along with a couple of other minor repairs so the exterior of the church will be in very good shape. We paved the parking lot a couple of years ago. Steps were repaired where needed and  a wheel chair ramp installed. The interior of the church and parish hall has been painted, in addition, new LED lighting was installed in the church and main entrance. The Parish Hall upstairs was returned to its original look including a face lift in the kitchen. New flooring in some rooms and recessed lighting installed. Furnace and heating problem resolved. There are many others but this will give you an idea of what has been taking place. We hope to have all the interior work completed as finances allow. Vestry would like to thank you all for your support while completing these projects and your words of encouragement.